American Thanksgiving Menu

Holy Trinity International School students enjoyed a celebration feast to mark the American holiday of ‘Thanksgiving’ all care of their wonderful catering team from MiQuill Catering who created a menu which included roast turkey with stuffing, Mississippi mud pie as well as the usual fabulous array of hot and cold meal choices on Thursday 28th November. Children in the Prep School drew pictures including the American flag and items depicting all things American before ‘tucking’ in to their Thanksgiving feast in the school’s dining hall. Said Chef, Simon Quill: “We love creating and introducing new foods for the children to try; regularly adapting school menus to celebrate global national celebrations, religious festivals and seasonal and local foods to support classroom learning being undertaken throughout all sections of the school. It’s great fun and offers children the opportunity to try food they would not usually try or eat.” Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States following the traditions of the first Pilgrims and Puritans at Plymouth (Massachusetts) who, it is said, were thankful for a good harvest in 1621. The celebration has its roots in harvest festivals and days of religious worship. Canadians celebrate a separate Thanksgiving also drawing upon these origins although a little earlier in the year. Today Thanksgiving has become a traditional time in America to get together with family or friends, with the date now regarded as a secular holiday. Holy Trinity Headteacher, Mrs Pamela Leek-Wright, commented: “What a wonderful feast. We are tremendously grateful to Simon and his catering team for yet another amazing job creating this American holiday themed menu, which not only nourished, but also complemented our classroom teaching and student learning.”