Blues Brothers Production Musical Triumph

Two evening productions and a Saturday matinee of The Blues Brothers at Kidderminster’s Holy Trinity International School played to packed audiences, the culmination of many months of planning and endless rehearsals which began some months earlier in the summer term. The production yet again delivered a visually stunning stage show worthy of any West End production, together with a fantastic live band and two charismatic lead performers. The musical was produced and directed by the school’s Deputy Head and Head of Music, Mrs Vikki Vincent, and Head of Drama Mr Mike Dunnington. Mrs Vincent stated: “With so much happening on stage at any one point, the choreography, costumes, lighting, stage props and cast were phenomenal, delivering a wholly professional and captivating show for all to enjoy. “As always, our sincere thanks to everyone, both in front and behind the scenes, including our Tech Club and PA, in making this production such a visual and musical success.” <Ends> Image details L to R: Chloe Modley-Hill 16yrs and Arabella Withers 15yrs School details:       Holy Trinity International School, t: +44 (0)1562 822929 w:   For all Holy Trinity press and media enquiries, in the first instance please contact: Kathryn Watts t: +353 (0) 1835 4855 e: