Budding Scientists Aim for Award

Senior students from Holy Trinity International School’s Young Research Scientist Club are working to develop their research skills with the hope of gaining the British Science Association’s CREST Bronze Award Certificate. The year 7 and 8 students will receive concentrated training to develop and enhance practical and writing skills with the goal of becoming a good research scientist of the future. Those demonstrating high motivation and excellent practical skills will be admitted to the Crest Award Scheme. Chemistry teacher, Dr Muhammad Amin, stated: “As part of our Young Research Scientist Club, we are trying to evoke the true spirit of scientific research within the real world context with the students writing a research proposal for submission to the Research Council for funding. Following completion of their project, a scientific paper will be published in the Holy Trinity Science Journal after a peer review process has taken place.” The Holy Trinity Science Journal was set up by year 10 students, Jenny Bateman and Lorna Redfern, with the aim of highlighting all things scientific going on throughout the whole school. Projects so far include making their own Bath Bombs - exploring aromas, scents and essential oils; Investigating Lava Lamps - shining a bright light on the nature of emulsions.; Glittering Tornado - offering students a closer inspection of the physics of tornadoes and tropical cyclones; Best of Slime - exploring fluid dynamics; Precipitation of Lead Iodide - investigating salts and Farming Crystals by creating Borax crystal flakes. Image L to R: Delighted with their Lava Lamp creations Marcus Bradley (12yrs), Hana Holder (11yrs) and Rosie Young (11yrs). Company details: Holy Trinity International School t: +44 (0)1562 822929 www.holytrinity.co.uk For all Holy Trinity International press and media enquiries, in the first instance please contact: Kathryn Watts t: 01562 822929 m: 07970 547469