Children Enjoy Easter Fun

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster is busy as children craft, glue, stick and prepare all things chocolate ahead of celebrating Easter with their families.

Easter cards and Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs are joined by chocolate nests and are just some of the Easter creations the children are enjoying making.

Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter said: “Easter is a fabulous time with lots of eggy activities, Easter bunnies and of course chocolate.

“As well as Easter cards the children also created Easter crowns which they’ve proudly showed off on our walks around the nursery and Holy Trinity School.”

Easter egg hunts in the nursery’s garden and activity play areas had the children looking high and low for as many Easter eggs as they could find, and as the Easter break draws near the children, ranging in ages from 2 to 4-years, are now spending time outside taking part in heaps of Easter-themed activities.

Added Gaynor: “From our youngest to the oldest Easter is just a long list of fun, fun, fun activities, in which they totally immerse themselves.

“Our parents enjoy Easter activities too as everything the children make, they then take home and share with their families.”