Chinese New Year Celebrations at Kidderminster Nursery

Chinese New Year 2021, the year of the Ox, was celebrated by children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster by making cards, lanterns, reading Chinese New Year stories and sampling lots of yummy food.
Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, said: “Celebrating special days such as Chinese New Year is always a lot of fun, and this year we involved the children in making dragon face puppets, and Chinese themed cards and lanterns. They also enjoyed the Chinese New Year stories, and as ever, the food tasting.”
Tucking into wontons, prawn toast, spring rolls, prawn crackers, noodles and sweet chilli sauce, the children also received a good luck money wallet, which traditionally would be filled with money, but on this occasion was replaced with chocolate coins.
Children at Little Trinity frequently take part in discussions and participate in a diverse range of traditions and experiences as part of their EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) understanding of the world, ensuring every child has access to a variety of experiences, which they may not have access to at home.
Added Gaynor: “We incorporate as many celebrations and festivals as we can, so that they can increase their understanding of the many traditions and peoples of the world. Of all the activities and food tasting we involved the children in this Chinese New Year, by far the biggest hit were the chocolate coin money wallets!”