Fish4Pets Installs Rack Collapse Prevention’s Warehouse Racking Safety System

Rack Collapse Prevention has completed a major warehouse installation for Fish4Pets, an international petfood company based in Worcestershire, with subsidiaries in Benelux, Norway and the USA.

UK and European patented and designed, and providing safer working environments for warehouse professionals, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system has been installed in numerous ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses and storage facilities in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.

Fish4Pets Operations Director Lian Higgitt said: “We used Rack Collapse Prevention to install an anti-collapse system in our 60,000sqft warehouse. They provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise when conducting a site audit inspection and outlined not only the health and safety benefits but also the business benefits in relation to damage limitation and write off costs/loss of stock in the event of a racking related accident.

“Whilst carrying out the installation, the team were professional and efficient, always accommodating the needs of the business, which often meant working outside of business hours at no extra cost.

“I would highly recommend other businesses to take the step to further protect their employees and business by installing this system with Rack Collapse Prevention.”

Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system can be installed anywhere pallet racking is used, and as with any form of pallet racking the risk of racking failure is amplified at height. A damaged racking leg under load experiences considerable down pressure and will force the leg to buckle and lose the structure’s ability to sustain its intended load capacity, eventually leading to collapse, and the potential domino effect to any other racking attached to, or in its vicinity.

The installation covering 60,000sft was completed in less than two-weeks and undertaken by Rack Collapse Prevention’s experienced and knowledgeable team.

Rack Collapse Prevention Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “More and more business are employing our safety system as it stops damaged racking from leaning past its point of no return and eliminates the risk of progressive racking collapse.

“Maintenance free Rack Collapse Prevention’s racking safety system provides Fish4Pets with the confidence and knowledge that their team are now operating in a protected and safe working environment.”