Halloween Fun at Kidderminster nursery

Class activities including making witches brew, pumpkin printing and shape sorting were all part of this year’s Halloween celebrations at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster.

Dancing, pass the parcel, ghost bowling, pin the spider on the web, jelly/spaghetti/pumpkin messy play, making spooky pumpkin biscuits, pom-pom ghosts and creating eery potions in the water tray.

Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, commented: “We’ve had a thrilling Halloween-themed week with the children taking part in lots of fun activities and games including bobbing for apples and our big Halloween ‘party games day’.”

The nursery’s Halloween week was designed to support and promote the children’s social skills, interaction with others whilst enabling them to reinforce their relationships and friendships and improve their balance and co-ordination through games such as the hair-raising game of ‘save the spiders’.

Added Gaynor: “It’s been full-on Halloween every day with lots and lots of fun. The children continued to learn and improve both their fine and gross motor skills as they played their many spooky games and took part in numerous Halloween activities.”