‘Hogwarts’ Literary Feast Celebrates World Book Day

Students at Holy Trinity School in Kidderminster dressed up as their favourite book character and feasted in a Hogwarts themed ‘Great Hall’ in celebration of the 20th World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March as well as the anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which was first published 20 years ago. The week began with two D.E.A.R. reading sessions (Drop Everything and Read) to act as a countdown to the big day, with the idea being that whatever each class was doing and regardless of subject, that every student throughout the school stopped and had the opportunity to read or listen to a story read to them by their teachers. Holy Trinity Teacher/Librarian, Miss Katherine Slack, said: “With the many stories and adventures of Harry Potter being so popular we thought it would be good fun to decorate the school’s concert hall in the theme of the 'Great Hall' at Hogwarts so that all students from across the school could enjoy a mid-morning feast, whilst our youngest children in Reception Class were also able to enjoy their own tea party in the Upper Prep Library celebrating the works of Julia Donaldson. Prep pupils have also been inspired by the story of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, creating their own beast in a suitcase for a prep school competition.” Added Miss Slack: “The school’s catering team in addition prepared a sumptuous book-themed lunch menu, which included such yummy foods as Pirate Potato Wedges, Roasted Carrot Broomsticks and Magic Polyjuice Jelly Shots! “Parents were invited make a small cash donation in support of Book Aid International, and each child received a WBD £1 book token to be used at the school’s Book Fair which runs for the next week at the end of the school day, and Year 2 pupils have been invited for the afternoon at Kidderminster Library as a reward for ‘best attendance’ where they will have the opportunity to exchange their WBD voucher for a free book and participate in a Harry Potter themed library session thanks to Hannah of Kidderminster Library.” A ‘Readathon’ is planned and will take place over the next few weeks to raise money the school’s libraries and in support of Birmingham Children's Hospital