Holy Trinity Free School Consultation Starts

The proposal to turn Holy Trinity School, currently an independent school, into a Free School, has been accepted in principle by the Secretary of State for Education for opening in September 2014. As required by the 2010 Academies Act, in the case of all new Free School projects, Holy Trinity School is holding a public consultation in relation to the proposed Free School. It starts on 30th September and ends on 15th November 2013 at 9.00pm.  Responses will be analysed and a report summarising these will be published in January 2014 Holy Trinity School would like to hear what the public think about their proposed Free School which will continue to be a small all-age school (4-18), with a family atmosphere, starting with up to around 470 pupils in September 2014 and rising to a maximum of around 690, when full, in September 2019. Building on the school’s current success in national tests and public examinations, there will be a strong emphasis on high expectations for all pupils and on academic rigour. Responses to the consultation should be made online at www.htsfreeschool.co.uk/consultation.  Hard copies are available for those without internet access. Holy Trinity will form part of Worcestershire Local Authority’s coordinated admissions arrangements. It will accept pupils irrespective of ability or prior attainment. For a minimum of 50% of places priority will be given to children living within a one-mile radius of the school at primary level and within a three-mile radius at secondary level. In September 2014 there are Published Admissions Numbers for each of Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 7 and Year 12. There will also be vacancies for some other year groups, especially in the secondary school. Parents interested in applying for a place for September 2014 will need to complete the relevant application form by 31st October 2013 for secondary admissions and by 15th January for primary admissions.  Sixth Form admissions must be made by Friday 10th January 2014. Further information about the school and its educational plan is available on the school website at www.htsfreeschool.co.uk or you can contact the school directly. The school will be holding open days/evenings, at which you can find out more about the proposed Free School and take part further in this consultation by giving your views.  Further information will be published at www.htsfreeschool.co.uk.