Holy Trinity School Celebrates First ‘Thinking Reading’ Graduate

Thirteen-year-old Reggie Preece has become Holy Trinity School's first ‘Thinking Reading’ graduate, a programme designed to enable students to accelerate their current reading age.

Devised for students who have a lower reading age than their chronological age, students receive one to one lessons and direct instruction to make very quick gains.

Head of Sixth Form, Tamsin Harris, explains: “The ‘Thinking Reading’ programme intervention enables students to address any barriers to their reading, with students able to make as much as five-months progress in just two-weeks of lessons, meaning students are able to access texts more easily and improve their progress across the whole curriculum.”

After eight-months on the programme, Reggie made significant gains and through his hard work, effort, and diligence, has now graduated from the programme with a reading age that exceeds his chronological age.

Headteacher Pamela Leek-Wright added: “We are all very proud of Reggie's personal achievements and progress, and absolutely delighted that he now enjoys reading for pleasure.”