Holy Trinity School Takes ‘FA Girls’ Football Pledge’

Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre in Kidderminster have signed up to the ‘FA Girls’ Football Pledge’ which aims to grow girls’ football in all schools.

At Holy Trinity girls’ football is now an integral part of both the school’s PE curriculum and extra-curricular provision.

The scheme’s vision, and launched by the Football Association, supported by Barclays and in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, is to give every girl equal access to in-school football by 2024.

Head of Senior PE, Dani Gunn said: “As a school, we have signed up to the ‘FA Girls’ Football Pledge’. We are delighted to be taking part in the Game of Our Own Girls’ Football Programme and have selected Year 7 students to be our Football Activators. They all attended both the national virtual launch and practical training.”

The Game of Our Own is a reward and celebration scheme which helps to evidence students’ life skills learning and achievements through football and helps them understand the skills they have learnt and how they can be transferred to wider life. Girls’ football is now on offer in both the school’s primary and senior schools.

PE teacher and Partnership link Carolyn Goddard: “Having completed an afternoon of practical and theory training, the Year 7 students are now fully prepared to promote girls’ football throughout the school and to organise, lead and deliver in-school football opportunities as Girls’ Football Ambassadors.”

Headteacher Pamela Leek-Wright commented that: “It is an initiative that I fully support in ensuring greater opportunities for our students. To create young ambassadors and positive role models within sports is an excellent way of encouraging future engagement and participation.”

HTS FA Girls Football Pledge 1jpeg