Holy Trinity School's Students Celebrate GCSE Results

Students at Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre in Kidderminster are now looking forward to taking up their places in sixth form and continuing their education journey.

Having received their results, students commented:

“I had a pit in my stomach which has now been completely filled.” said Shaun Hennell.

“I feel alright.” said Rupert Dale.

“I was nervous but now I’m really happy.” added Katie Evans.

Deputy Head Mrs Rebecca Da Costa commented: “Despite it being a difficult few months I’m delighted with the GCSE results students have achieved today. They are now able to embark on their next steps in September with Holy Trinity Sixth Form now full. Students can go and enjoy the remainder of their holidays ready for the start of term on Thursday 3rd September.”

Holy Trinity’s Headteacher, Mrs Pamela Leek-Wright, added: “I am really pleased that despite the uncertainty surrounding public exams, students have been awarded grades that reflect their efforts and which have enabled them to move through to Sixth Form or college.

“I am delighted that we have so many of our Year 11 students transitioning to our Sixth Form and look forward to continuing the educational journey with them.”