Investors sought as Midlands entrepreneur clings on

Successful serial inventor, 81-year-old Tom Elliott from Erdington in Birmingham, has solved a major clinging on kitchen nightmare! After purchasing a top end cling film dispenser for his wife Lynne, they still suffered numerous problems associated the dispenser and the cling film itself which stuck to anything else or itself before it could be used. Tom explains: “‘My wife and I bought an expensive wall mounted cling film dispenser about three years ago and after having numerous frustrating moments and trying several standard cardboard box versions, with no better success, I decided enough was enough and went off and created my own to overcome those niggling occurrences.” In a few months Tom had produced two experimental versions, and following rigorous testing and trialling, his patented easy to use ‘’GRIPPER’ dispenser is now ready for manufacture. Said Tom: “An additional advantage my cling film dispenser has, is that any thickness cling film roll, such as the economy rolls you buy, will fit my dispensers. I love inventing, creating new products and games, and I love helping solve everyday problems. My dispenser design could certainly be one of the inexpensive versions available in shops, and has the added bonus of coming with an easy to use film GRIPPING device to keep the film taught across its full width while extracting a required length from the roll without pulling the film with your fingers, which is quite unique, and most importantly, it works!” A member of Birmingham Inventors, Tom is now actively seeking investors for this latest creation.