Kamazoy breaks down IT barriers at Coventry University Enterprises’ “Touch Digital” event

Speaking to a packed audience of SME’s from across the West Midlands, Daniel Dainty from Birmingham based IT solutions provider Kamazoy, had delegates at the Touch Digital event hosted by Coventry University Enterprises scribbling furiously, and listening intently, as he peeled away the many mysteries of how business-owners can stay efficient in today’s Internet-connected world. Said Daniel:  “The Internet’s reach is incredible, with 72% of all adults in 2013 buying goods or services online, which has increased by 53% compared to 2008; and as IT becomes more widely available, understanding how SME’s can reap these rewards, and benefits, is crucial. Measuring the opportunity cost of inefficiency is always a worthwhile exercise.” With the event covering Internet aspects such as web marketing, user engagement and the role social media has to play when a business has little cash but needs to promote their goods or services, Kamazoy joined other invited speakers to answer delegates’ questions on benefitting from and improving their business processes. Said Daniel: “With an ever increasing selection of web technologies available, Great Britain alone has over 70% of adults accessing the Internet daily, 53% of which access the Internet via a mobile phone, so understanding how to use the IT you already have is essential.”