Kidderminster Nursery Supports KEMP’s ‘Light Up A Life’ Campaign

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster invited parents and staff to donate their Christmas card money in support of KEMP Hospice’s annual ‘Light Up A Life’ campaign.

Nursery Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Our families as always were very generous and donated their Christmas card money and helped to reduce the number of Christmas cards needing to be recycled after Christmas. Thanks to everyone’s generosity and support we have managed to raise £148 to date.”

KEMP’s ‘Light up a Life’ as an annual campaign in which people can remember loved ones in a very special way during the festive season. People are invited to write a message or special memory to a loved one on a ‘Light up a Life’ Tag and hang their tag on one of KEMP’s ‘Light up a Life’ Christmas Trees.

Added Gaynor: “People have been extremely generous, and some parents have written Christmas wishes to other families and some of our children have also written their names on their Christmas tags independently.

“It’s been a huge success and helped to raise funds for such a worthwhile local charity!”