Kidderminster Pupils Take a Day Trip to India

Pupils at Kidderminster’s Holy Trinity School enjoyed sampling a range of Indian foods and sweets and dressing up as part of their Geography studies, comparing English school life with other non-European schools across the world. As part of the children’s cultural engagement day and virtual trip around the world, they studied cultural traditions, festivals and landmarks, and they had the opportunity to taste several Indian foods including samosas and Indian sweets in a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Year 2 Class Teacher, Miss Megan Read said: “The class looked at India and the religions practiced by the people living there and across the world. The children also considered their different cultures and looked at artworks, listened to Indian music, took part in Indian dancing and dressed up.” Year 2 Class Teacher Miss Sarah Barraclough added: “Our India day wouldn’t have been the success it was without all the wonderful costumes and of course the lovely Indian foods the children tasted. What a fabulous first-hand educational and sensory experience, brought to life in our Kidderminster classroom.”