Kidderminster Students Raise Money for Bromsgrove Blue Cross

During a special school assembly at Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre in Kidderminster, a group of Year 6 Prep School students presented their cheque for £320.55 to local pet charity Blue Cross in Bromsgrove. The six friends, together with the help of their parents, decided to raise the money as they all love animals, spending a lot of time and money sourcing and attractively packaging a variety of sweets, chocolates and raffle prizes outside of school, and then during their school breaks setting up their stall and selling their produce in the library to the whole of Prep School through a week-long raffle. Josie explained to the pupils how the charity helps pets, particularly cats and dogs, with the pupils asking many questions and keen to learn how the charity would spend the money. Blue Cross volunteer, Josie Taylor, said: “How kind and thoughtful the girls were and what a wonderful response from the students at Holy Trinity School to raise £320.55 in just a week. The girls must have spent hours wrapping the sweets! “It was so lovely to meet all the children, and they were so interested in what I had to say about the work of the Blue Cross, that I have now arranged for them to come and visit our Bromsgrove centre so that they can meet our staff and volunteers and see what they have worked so hard for.”