Little Trinity Nursery Supporting Christmas Card Appeal

Little Trinity Nursery children are supporting this year’s Kidderminster Library’s festive Christmas Card Appeal and have been busy colouring and painting their Christmas cards for local people to enjoy.

Manager, Gaynor Carter, said: “Every year we support the appeal with the children making distinctive Christmas cards, which are then distributed by Kidderminster Library to the elderly and housebound in the local community at Christmastime, together with a selection of library books for them to read and enjoy throughout the whole of the festive season.

“The children really love creative activities, and this seasonal pursuit allows them to show off their budding artistic skills.”

Using a range of drawing skills, the children created a selection of Christmas card creations and festive designs. The nursery offers pre-school childcare from 2 years of age, with imaginative play at the core of nursery activities which assists in the development of a child’s hand and eye co-ordination, their communication and literacy, motor and numeracy skills.

Gaynor added: “This wonderful Christmas activity is an opportunity to express themselves and it’s simply lots of fun, whilst helping to support their fine motor skills development as they practice writing their name on the inside of their Christmas card.

“Supporting the Christmas Card Appeal is such as worthwhile cause, and it helps to spread a little joy within the local community for those who may not be able to share Christmas with family.”