Local Entrepreneur’s Plans for Educational Erdington Planetarium

A serial entrepreneur from Erdington has a star plan to breathe new life into Erdington’s Central Square and is looking to partner with local schools and community groups in the area to create a Planetarium in Erdington. Inventor Tom Elliott explains: “Central Square has seen a lot of changes over the last few years, in line with shopping centres all over the country. The owners of the Square, New River Retail have done much to change the focus, by encouraging more small independent retailers to gain a foothold, and to give space to The Cube, the Erdington arts facility, which keeps growing and gaining more members.” To grow his idea, Tom joined The Cube Arts Centre, to display some of his artful creations, and received much praise for his small-scale Star Gazer Rocket Dome design. The idea behind the planetarium - The Star Gazer - is that it would benefit local schools as an outside classroom observatory, as well as a community Planetarium situated in the heart of Erdington. He added: “There was a lot of positive feedback for my Star Gazer idea, so now I’m looking to see how we can organise a permanent Star Gazer Rocket Dome structure. I have been told to seek Community Funding, but I would need help to get the ball rolling as I’m not as young as I once was. “If I can get support from the local community to attract attention to the idea it would benefit all concerned, particularly as there’s no other planetarium or anything similar in or around Erdington. Central Square in Erdington would certainly benefit if we could as a community make this happen.” For more information please email: Tom@tom-elliott.me.uk