Midlands firm Oakland International enjoys bright future

A rolling programme to replace energy rich with energy efficient LED lighting is now delivering supply chain operator Oakland International with £20,000 worth of savings following completion of its LED installation programme into all warehouse chillers at their Redditch site.   Oakland International MD, Dean Attwell, commented: “By installing LED lighting we have seen an immediate reduction in our energy consumption and carbon emissions, with the added benefit of enhancing our team’s working environment as the LED’s deliver a much improved lighting solution that is more akin to daylight.”   Forming part of a much wider programme to install energy efficient alternatives to reduce wastage throughout the firm’s supply chain operations, Oakland International is now seeing savings both in terms of carbon reduction of some 21-tonnes as well as energy savings of around 42% annually, and building an award-winning industry reputation for innovation and implementation of eco-friendly alternatives throughout its operations to address environmental issues and help the business reduce its operational carbon footprint and benefit Oakland customers.   Said Dean: “Over the last five years we have more than doubled in size and operational scale, yet we have reduced our environmental impact over the same period as we travel on our journey towards carbon neutrality. The additional benefits derived from installing LED’s include annual savings of around £2,400 in maintenance/replacement charges because LED’s have a life span of over 75,000hr(over 12 years) as opposed to our  previous fluorescent tubes which we found ourselves replacing more or less every 18 months.”