Nursery Children Dance Around the Maypole

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster have introduced maypole dancing as a new and fun way for the children to take part in a group activity and to celebrate May Day. Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, commented: “Maypole dancing isn’t something we’ve done before but we thought it would be something different for the children to enjoy, as well as a creative way of offering a new challenge. “The music we play as they dance is varied to ensure we encourage all ages, from two-years through to our older children of four-years, to take part and have fun as they dance, with everyone having the opportunity throughout the week leading up to May Day to dance around the maypole.” The tradition of dancing around the maypole goes back many decades and continues to be a popular folk festival around the UK and throughout Europe to celebrate May Day or Pentecost (Whitsun) and in some countries Midsummer. Based within the grounds of Holy Trinity School on the Birmingham Road, Little Trinity Nursery’s secure outdoor play area offered the ideal outdoor space to dance and learn to lace their brightly coloured ribbons around the maypole. Miss Carter added: “Throughout the week the children will be encouraged to work together and to follow direction to perform the dance successfully. “They are already finding out that it’s a great deal of fun to dance as part of a group, and to get wrapped up in the ribbon as they dance and thread their way around the Little Trinity maypole; there’s definitely going to be a lot of maypole dancing this week!”