Nursery Children Delight in Autumn Colour

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster are enjoying the autumn weather to collect leaves and conkers as part of their autumn learning walks and activities in to the changing seasons. Wrapped up and wearing hats and scarves to keep warm against the cooling autumn breeze, the children collected a range of natural materials which were then used to create pictures and paintings of autumn. Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “As part of our work on understanding the world we like to offer a range of activities and experiences that link both outdoor and indoor play, which in turn helps to support and feed a child’s natural curiosity and imagination. “The added bonus for the children from our learning walks is that they simply love having fun and playing in the fallen leaves, as they hunt for the many signs of autumn and collect smooth and spikey leaves and conkers, which are then used and incorporated into painting and craft activities in the classroom.” From the youngest children, 2-years and upwards, all nursery children are encouraged to take part in aspects of play, helping to stimulate and develop hand and eye co-ordination, motor skills and general communication with others.