Nursery Children Enjoy a Jolly Good Christmas

Children at Holy Trinity School's Nursery are well and truly in the Christmas spirit, making cards, creating seasonal paintings with glitter and sparkles, and rehearsing for their Christmas production of 'Robin's so Excited'. Every year children from Little Trinity and Kindergarten take part in a range of Christmas activities including creating snowy folders, glitter covered calendars, Christmas crackers with a yummy treat inside, making Christmas cards for the Kidderminster Library Appeal which are then distributed to the elderly and housebound in the local community, as well as learning their lines for their annual Christmas play. Nursery Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: "The children love to do anything creative, and these types of activities allows the use of tinsel, paint, collage materials and of course glitter which is always a favourite!" Christmas activities involve every child in the nursery, and with nursery places only available from 3 months to 3-years it's a busy place to be at this time of the year. Encouraging creative skills through art and design activities encourages self-expression, supports overall development and nurtures concern and caring for others and assists in developing and building personal confidence. Said Miss Carter: "We love meeting families and welcoming new children into the Nursery and involving them in our Christmas activities by creating new characters for them to play in the Christmas production, and of course, seeing their excitement as they join in the end of year Carol Concert in the main school, tucking in to a fabulous Christmas lunch and visiting Father Christmas care of our wonderful Parents Association."