Nursery Children Enjoy Fantasy Sleigh Ride

Children at Kidderminster’s Little Trinity Nursery enjoyed a fantasy Christmas sleigh ride, visiting Santa’s reindeer Rudolph and seeing the snowy sights of the North Pole. Involving every child at the nursery, from 2 years of age and up, their snowy adventure began and ended in Kidderminster but as far as the children were concerned they’d travelled to the North Pole and back; seeing Santa and enjoying a little bit of early Christmas magic along the way. Little Trinity manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “They all thoroughly enjoyed their winter fun adventure. Sitting inside the magic sleigh they met lots of wintery characters as they travelled to the North Pole, giggling and chuckling as they went, they simply couldn’t stop smiling.” Used as a form of reward for all the children’s hard work throughout the year, the nursery has participated in several 'Kids Klub Adventures' travelling to the amazing jungles of Africa and swimming in the ocean meeting sea creatures such as dolphins, penguins and turtles. Miss Carter added: “This is a fantastic way for the children to simply have fun and enjoy themselves. It's a special time of year and what a magical experience for them as they watched themselves on TV and met Santa in his grotto!”