Nursery Football Crazy Thanks to Kidderminster Harriers

It’s never too early to introduce sport and encourage the love of ‘the beautiful game’ football, with children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster thoroughly enjoying tackling and having fun at their weekly football training sessions with local football club Kidderminster Harriers. Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “We introduced football into nursery about three years ago thanks to Kidderminster Harriers Football Club and since then it has continued to prove extremely popular with our parents and children. It’s also a fantastic way to burn off energy and keep fit!” Every week throughout term time the children have the opportunity to take part and play football with Kidderminster Harriers as part of their regular sports activities which is just one of the many physical activities the nursery encourages. Ball skills aid gross motor movement development as well as co-ordination, balance and listening skills. Added Miss Carter: “We believe it is important to provide as many opportunities as possible to give the children chance to be taught by highly qualified and experienced people so that they can learn new skills as well as have heaps of fun whilst getting plenty of physical exercise with their friends and within the safe environment of the nursery and all under one roof!” As part of their Early Years Physical development all children have the opportunity to take part in weekly ballet sessions, swimming and PE sessions in the gym. Community Sports Manager at Kidderminster Harriers, Nick Griffiths, commented: “Our coaches really enjoy our sessions at Little Trinity. It's all about the children having fun with a ball at their feet. “The bonus is they are developing those fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination.”