Nursery Sandpit Delight

It was all giggles and smiles from children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster when they saw their new nursery sandpit for the first time. Holding buckets and spades, the children quickly began digging and building sandcastles with the help of nursery staff. Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Throughout the year we hold a number of fundraising activities and special events and at the end of the year we purchase something new which all our children can enjoy. “This year we decided to expand our sand play activities and purchased a massive pit as sand play is a favourite activity. From our youngest children, 2-years and upwards, we encourage creative play by burying letters and numbers in the sand for the children to find. This helps with both their literacy and mathematical skills. It also supports hand and eye co-ordination, motor skills and general communication with others. Early Years personal, social and emotional development activities are encouraged at Little Trinity Nursery with the children supported as they investigate through touch, smell and taste. Miss Carter added: “Playing in sand is often a reminder for the children of happy holiday times and can be used as a starting point for many interesting conversations about past or pending adventures. “The theme for the next few months is unsurprisingly 'Summer'- so our new sandpit has arrived at exactly the right time to be incorporated into our summer theme which will run throughout the nursery over the coming months.