Nursery Swimming Gala Fun

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster had an amazing time showing parents their swimming skills as they took part in their first Nursery Swimming Gala.

Over 30 children took part with the younger children from the age of 3-years showing how they could swim and use floats in the pool and competing in four teams; Jellyfish, Sharks, Starfish and Dolphins, swimming widths of the pool and jumping in at the deep end to swim the full pool length to the delight of family members shouting support from the pool balcony.

Nursery Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Swimming is a much-loved activity in our nursery week, so it is immensely rewarding to see how confident and self-assured in the water they all have become. The end of the year swimming gala always provides a great deal of fun for all the children, their families and for our staff who have worked so hard to support each child as they’ve learnt to swim.”

Using the swimming skills they’d acquired during the year as part of their weekly swimming lessons, the children enjoyed the positive experience of competing and racing against each other, with all children presented with a certificate for participating, an engraved medal and the winning team awarded the trophy!

Swimming in several different fun-packed races, team Sharks was crowned the overall swimming gala winner.

Added Miss Carter: “ There were lots of cheers, smiles and happy tears as the children competed, and what a fantastic time we all had. Parents really appreciate being able to see their children so excited and overjoyed at taking part in their first ever swimming gala. Well done to all!”