Nursery Takes Time To Talk

Children attending Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster took part in Time to Talk Day, which is the nation’s biggest conversation about mental health. 

Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, explained: “We decided to participate in the Time to Talk Day to encourage and support the children and staff’s mental health and wellbeing as it offered an opportunity to focus on our emotions and feelings and urged everyone to express how they were feeling openly.” 

Throughout their week-long focus the nursery offered varying activities and stories for the children including the wheel of emotions and the emotions ball game, visual props to help discuss different emotions with time to talk about how they felt, and 'worry monsters' for the children to cuddle and tell their worries and concerns too. The children also picked leaves from the mood tree that reflected their feelings and discussed how they felt.  

Added Gaynor: “We all participated as it is important for everyone's mental health and wellbeing to talk, and vital in helping us all lead a happy and fulfilled life, and just knowing there is support from others helps immensely.”

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