OHSO Scrummy Oat Bars Give Oakland Trekkers a Boost at 18,000ft!

Supplying a consignment of OHSO Scrummy oat flapjacks to a team of intrepid explorers from Oakland International attempting to climb to the top of Africa, has resulted in the creation of a new distribution contract between the firms. The link-up between London based brokers May & Raeburn and Redditch distributor, Oakland Distribution, provides the OHSO Scrummy brand a with a fresh route to market, supplying foodservice outlets in addition to existing retail channels. May & Raeburn's Pete Massey commented: "We were delighted to support the Oakland team climbing Kilimanjaro and thrilled to gain their support in supplying OHSO Scrummy in to the foodservice sector via this business link-up. OHSO Scrummy is a terrific brand and we are confident that this is the start of many more opportunities in to new markets." Working together since 2004, May & Raeburn, brand owners of OHSO Scrummy utilise Oakland's specialist sector capabilities to store, pick and then deliver OHSO Scrummy product to retailers and now foodservice outlets, an arrangement which offers fresh commercial opportunities for the future. Product lines handled through Oakland International and Oakland Distribution include assorted flapjacks, filled muffins, gingerbread men and assorted swirly cupcakes, as well as chocolate corn and rice cakes. Oakland International managing director and member of the successful Kilimanjaro climbing team, Dean Attwell, commented: "We were delighted to received sponsorship support and a couple of boxes of flapjacks to help us on our way up Kili. The additional weight being carried in our rucksacks was gradually reduced as fellow trekkers got the 'munchies' and we were very glad to have the energy boost that they gave us at crucial times. SO much so, that we rationed our supplies to ensure that we had enough for one each on our final summit attempt! "Did they do the trick.? Well, I would like to think that 9 months of solid training had a part to play but we were very pleased to have the added boost of a flapjack when we got to 18,000ft above sea level, and all of our team made it to the top!" A positive growth partnership, May & Raeburn donated £500 and a consignment of OHSO Scrummy oat flapjacks to help sustain the Oakland team during their recent ascent of Kilimanjaro which raised over £10,000 in support of The Oakland Foundation charity.