Packed and Ready for ‘Big’ School

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster are very excited and getting ready to leave nursery and transition to ‘big’ school.

With 54 children eager for the next stage of their learning journey, nursery manager Gaynor Carter said: “This time of year is always tinged with a mixture of joy, excitement and a little sadness as we prepare to say goodbye.

“Every year we organise end of year reports for our parents as it helps to inform them of their child's development and progress during their time at Little Trinity. The report packs also include transition papers, photographs and special paintings and drawings that they can keep of their child’s time at Little Trinity.”

Copies of report packs are also sent to the child’s new school, with children transitioning to Holy Trinity, other local schools and schools further afield.

Gaynor added: “We work hard to prepare the children for the next stage in their education; with confident, happy children excited to go to 'big' school and to start new adventures!

“With restrictions still in place we have been unable to do many of our usual events and parties, but we’ve still made it special with treats and keepsake gift-making to take home, together with the usual fun and games and the all-important end of nursery-year sports day!”