Picture Perfect Mothers’ Day Creations

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster have been busy having their photographs taken as well as painting, sticking and gluing their special Mother’s Day creations ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday 11th March. Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is a chance for families to show their appreciation and a day for children to give thanks and presents to their hard-working mums. Nursery manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Parents always love to receive gifts and presents made by their children as it makes the day extra special with Mothers’ Day a wonderful opportunity to get creative and celebrate.” Making and painting cards, wrapping gifts and painting picture frames for their pictures to go into were all part of the creative activities involved in this year’s Mother’s Day activities. Children from the age of 2-years took part in the craft activities which all help to stimulate the development of fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination and nurture interaction with others. Miss Carter added: “The children got so excited to have their pictures taken and loved making their presents. We hope all our mums love their present and have a fabulous Mother’s Day.”