Pirates Invade Kidderminster Nursery

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster had a swashbuckling time, dressing up and creating their own ‘Black Pearl’ pirate ship and digging for treasure as part of their themed play day on Thursday 20th October. Nursery manager and shipmate, Miss Gaynor Carter, explained: “There’s no boundary to a child’s imagination, with role play a fantastic way for them to express themselves and to simply have fun.” Dressing up and pretending to be pirates, the children made swords from collage materials and built a very fine cardboard box pirate ship, before going outside to play pirates in their outside wooden pirate ship and digging for treasure in the nursery sandpit. Added Miss Carter: “This type of activity is fantastic for all children from the youngest at 2 years through to our older children of 4 years, they can all take part. “Dressing up and creating their very own pirate characters was fantastic fun to watch and then the giggles and shear excitement as they dug to find their lost treasure topped the day off perfectly.”