Redditch School Secures Music Scholarship Support

Church Hill Middle School in Redditch is jumping for joy after securing funding for music scholarships for two of its Year 8 pupils from Redditch based charity, The Oakland Foundation. For this Redditch school, music is viewed highly as a vehicle to learning, helping raise confidence, encouraging team work and stimulating communication with their peers. There are many musical opportunities for students to join in such as the school funded choir, recorder groups and  guitar sessions, encouraging engagement with the arts to experience new forms of artistic media. They even fund half of student music theatre examinations, with the aim that every child in the school visits the theatre at least once during their time at the school. Church Hill Middle School Headteacher Mr Phil Hume, stated: “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with the Oakland Foundation. Our pupils will benefit from the opportunities provided through their support.” With specialist music tuition an additional cost for parents, many families across the country are faced with the unenviable dilemma of having to refuse their child’s request for individual music tuition within school due to the cost. Oakland Foundation trustee, Hayley Smith, explained: “The aim of the Foundation is to support young people who are either experiencing financial hardship or disadvantage in the Redditch and Bromsgrove areas, and so we were delighted to support the school deliver specialist music tuition via The Oakland Foundation Music Scholarship. Our plan now is to explore other potential links and opportunities between the school and OaklandFoundation for the benefit of all students at the school.” Hayley explained that through The Oakland Foundation Music Scholarship it is hoped that it will provide something tangible for the students to aim for.