Remembrance Day Poppy Paintings Applaud 2 and 4-Legged Armed Forces Personnel

Large and small brightly coloured pictures of poppies created by children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster marked their Remembrance Day celebrations.

Every child attending Little Trinity took part creating their very own, unique, poppy masterpiece, with some of their finished poppy pictures made into a poppy display for the nursery window and poppy wreaths to thank the many men and women in the armed forces today, and in the past, who keep us safe, with a very special purple poppy wreath honouring animals throughout history who have lost their lives whilst serving their country. The purple poppy is often worn to remember animals that have been victims of war such as horses, dogs and pigeons drafted into the war effort.

Nursery manager Gaynor Carter explained: “At Little Trinity we believe it’s important that all children learn about a wide range of topics and subjects. Earlier this year we looked at people working in the military, protecting our country and keeping us safe, extremely important as one of our children has a father in the military who was away on service over the summer.

“Age was irrelevant as every child was able to demonstrate and use their individual creative skills to make their poppies, talking about colours and materials as they painted and collaged their artwork. They also discussed how lives and families can very often be different, which created opportunities to question and discuss communities and the world.”

In the summer the nursery organised a collection of military care packages destined for service men and woman serving overseas to show them the children were thinking of them and thanking them for everything that they do, with their Remembrance Day poppy pictures just another way to show their thanks and support.