Staff Clock Up 90 Years-Service at Kidderminster School

Students and staff at Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre in Kidderminster have been showing their appreciation and affection for three popular members of school staff, who between them have clocked up 90-years of service.

Retiring as the academic year ends, past pupil, staff member and former parent, Michelina (Mickey) Polito, retires after 50 years, whilst Head of Music Vikki Vincent and PE teacher Andy Rex both retire after 20-years of teaching at the Birmingham Road school.

Well known for her many majestic and stunning musical performances, music teacher Vikki Vincent has supported numerous choirs and drama groups and managed the school’s Senior Choirs (Chamber and Inner Choirs), performing varied repertoires, and has overseen many international choir tours.

Said Vikki: “I take away with me so many good memories of my time at Holy Trinity, of the many wonderful students and staff, and of course the many spectacular musical concerts and productions we’ve undertaken together throughout the years.”

Known for his enthusiastic participation in anything school related, often when not on timetable, PE teacher Andy Rex joined Holy Trinity in 2002, tasked with teaching A level PE part time. Over the years he has taken on more responsibilities, including launching the school’s first-ever basketball programme, which has seen much success and is growing in popularly year on year.

Said Andy: “I leave Holy Trinity School with lots of happy memories of people’s smiling faces, and I particularly enjoyed it when students thanked me for teaching them something new or unusual."

‘Mickey’ Polito joined Holy Trinity aged 11-years as a pupil in 1968 but by 1973 she had joined the faculty, taking on several roles throughout the years until 2008 when she took on the role of Afterschool Care provision.

Said Mickey: “I have worked alongside many teachers who are caring and hardworking to get the best for their pupils. Holy Trinity gave my youngest daughter, Gemma, an excellent education. I am truly grateful for every opportunity which has come my way, but now is the time to say ‘good-bye’ and to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone I have been involved with throughout the years. An extraordinary experience which I will continue to treasure for a lifetime. Holy Trinity and the children will always be in my thoughts and my heart.”

Headteacher Pamela Leek-Wright added: “The commitment of Mickey, Vikki and Andy is evidence of the strong family ethos that exists at Holy Trinity school, which not only nurtures the students, but also the staff.

“It is a privilege to lead a school that inspires such loyalty, and I would like to offer my appreciation as acknowledgement of these three remarkable people who leave behind them a legacy of excellence, enthusiasm and opportunity, which are aspirational and support an effective education.”