Students Awarded Stourport League’s Fair Play Award

Three Year 5 students from Kidderminster’s Holy Trinity School, who play football for “Nunnery Wood Colts Spitfires” U10 team, have reached 2nd Place in their League and Runners Up in the Cup and to top it off have been awarded the Stourport League's Fair Play Award. 10-year olds, Oliver Cummings, Isaac Stirling-James and Oscar Price, were awarded the Cup which acknowledges the boys have played in the spirit of the game and with respect for the opposition as well as the referee, coaches and spectators. As this is the Team’s first season playing together, this is quite an achievement. Headteacher Mrs Leek-Wright commented: "I can think of no higher accolade than being selected for the fair play award, it speaks volumes about their general attitude - their ability goes without saying due to their inclusion in the team, so to have additional qualities recognised is very special."