Students enjoy vegetable week menu

With the recent announcement that it’s not five, but seven portions of vegetables or fruit a day we need for a healthy well-balanced diet, Holy Trinity School chef, Simon Quill of MiQuill Catering, decided to treat the school’s students to a ‘Vegetable Week’ in celebration of all that is good about the humble vegetable. Said Simon: “We’re always looking to provide students with new and interesting food choices, and now with the latest healthy eating food guidance we decided to hold a ‘Vegetable Week’ in the last week of the school term before the Easter break. “Concentrating on one vegetable per day, we focused on the diversity of each vegetable. For example on Monday we had carrot crisps, carrot ribbons, carrot and coriander soup and carrot cake. The idea being, if a student didn’t like one of the options, they had other dishes to choose from to ensure they would be working towards their seven-a-day target.” For those students who are not the biggest fan of either fruit or vegetables, then Simon invites them to speak with him as he can help to find a type of fruit or vegetable that they may like, or prepared by a different method. Added Simon: “Our aim for the children at Holy Trinity is to have one fruit snack at break time, two vegetables or salad options and one piece of fruit at lunchtime. This alone totals up to four portions of fruit or vegetables. If you also have one portion for breakfast and two for dinner, then it will be easy to achieve your seven a day!”