Tudor Christmas Feast

Year 4 pupils from Holy Trinity International School in Kidderminster went back in time as they became Tudors for the day, taking part in an authentic Tudor Christmas banquet. With expert help from Paul and Helen of 'Discover History' the children prepared meals for the banquet, which included pottage and frumenty, drinks of warm spiced apple as well as a gingered bread dessert. Year 4 teacher Mrs Harriet Tehan stated: “It would be fair to say that it was a ‘first’ for most of the pupils, with many not at all keen on the bland taste of the Tudor meals they had recreated. However the gingered bread and spiced apple went down much more easily!” The children, on learning that the guests would be prohibited from leaving the banquet hall during the hours of feasting were shocked to discover that a chamber pot would be brought over and held by a servant, should the need arise!! The banquet was hosted by the Lord and Lady of the day, Lord Alex Rosser-Barnett and Lady Caitlin Sawicki and jesters, Rupert and Cicely, told jokes and performed juggling routines and acrobatics for everyone's entertainment. Mrs Tehan added: “The children learnt about the Yule log, how it would have been lit in the centre of the banquet hall and would have burned for 12 days, hence the 12 days of Christmas! The Tudor day provided a truly creative hands-on historical educational experience, which also proved to be great fun and a great way to start our Christmas celebrations!” <Ends> Image details L to R – Year 4 pupils ready to ‘tuck’ in to their Tudor Christmas feast. Contact details: Holy Trinity International School t: +44 (0)1562 822929 e: contact@holytrinity.co.uk www.holytrinity.co.uk Issued on behalf of the school by Kathryn Watts t: 01562 822929 m: 07970 547469