Unaided Swimming Celebrated at Kidderminster Nursery

A three-year old who attends Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster has for the very first time successfully completed a full width of the swimming pool without any arm bands or swimming aids of any kind. Little Aubrie Bushell, who only started weekly swimming lessons at Little Trinity earlier this year, took to the swimming pool like a duck to water and on Monday 3rd October swam unaided for the very first time to the delight of the other children and nursery staff who were cheering her on. Manager, Miss Gaynor Carter, said: “Aubrie began swimming with us last year but only swam unaided for the first time this week. “She was so excited and couldn’t wait to get in to the pool. With everyone watching, when she’d finished all you could hear was cheering and clapping. It was wonderful.” Based within the grounds of Holy Trinity School, from September Little Trinity Nursery extended swimming lessons to include children from the age of 2-years, with Aubrie the first 3-year old this term to swim without the support of a body-belt, receiving a red badge and certificate for completing the half pool width, before then swimming on and collecting her blue badge and certificate for swimming a full width of the pool. Added Miss Carter: “Swimming is a weekly activity our older children have always looked forward to, so to be able to now include our youngest children from the age of 2 years is extremely rewarding, particularly when you see the delight on their faces when they swim on their own for the first time.”