World Chocolate Day Celebrations

There’s always time for chocolate and if ever there is a reason to celebrate chocolate, then 7th July, World Chocolate Day, is it according to the children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster.

Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, said: “We just had to celebrate World Chocolate Day, I mean, why wouldn’t you?”

With a jam-packed full-week of regular activities the nursery also incorporated World Chocolate Day and treated the children to a yummy chocolate snack-café, biscuits and special chocolates they could take home and share with their families.

World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day is the global celebration of everything chocolate, with historians believing this is the anniversary of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550, but no one knows for certain, with the first ever World Chocolate Day celebrated in 2009.

Added Gaynor: “My goodness, the children had so much chocolate-fun with lots of smiles. They thoroughly enjoyed this celebration of cacao, the humble cocoa bean that turns into the most delightful chocolatey treat. They all had a wonderful time!”